Wings Vocal Collective

A musical experience that truly takes flight





Who We Are

Wings Vocal Collective is a ever-growing group of passionate and versatile vocal performers based in the Metro Vancouver Area. Our members come from different backgrounds, training and walks of life, but have the common goal of creating unique and powerful musical experience for audiences in the community.

The Collective was founded by a group of 8 singer friends (then known as 8Wings Vocal Ensemble) who wanted to share their love for music with even more people and build a community of talented and dedicated individuals. As a result, WVC is a platform on which a trained opera singer can share the stage with a Motown diva — an organization that takes pride in diversity and a multi-disciplinary approach to music.

What We Do

WVC’s expansive roster of performers allows us the flexibility to select and combine different voices and skill-sets to tailor our sound to a specific style or occasion. You may see us on stage as a quartet, or as a chamber choir of thirty, but we promise you will always hear dedication and passion in our craft.

The goal of WVC is to bring our community closer to the arts by creating opportunities for people to experience vocal music in its sincerest, most accessible form. As advocates of artistry, we hope our work inspires people to pursue music for themselves, while providing some opportunities and avenues to do so.

How to Connect

WVC was born from our desire to expand and grow, so naturally, we invite everyone and anyone who is interested in what we do and who we are to reach out. To send us a message, give us feedback, ask about our arrangements or even inquire about your involvement in the Collective, please don’t hesitate to connect with us via social media below.

For those seeking to book a WVC performance, please go to our Contact page for further details.